Workhera Desk allows employees to search and book desks in an easy and instant way. Additionally, it provides monitoring tools to the company to manage people turnout in the building and improve safety conditions.
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Easy and instant booking

Users can search, find, and book a desk in any moment, directly from their smartphones.

Directly via Outlook

Thanks to the integration with company calendar, users can search for a desk and book it directly via Outlook.

Check-in and check-out

Check-in and check-out confirmations can be manually (tap, QR code) or automatic to simplify the user experience.

Occupation detection and analysis

The system detects occupied or available desks automatically, providing information for check-in and check-out processes and data for analysis useful to HR and Facility managers about workplaces use with privacy.

Plan your work

Workhera helps employees and management to organize their work among from home and from office days by simplifying planning, booking, and monitoring of desks and meeting rooms. A useful tool for employees and the company to control people turnouts in the building in order to make workplaces safer.