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Mobile First

Workhera is based on a Mobile First approach.

An intuitive and easy to use app coordinates all your workplace devices and equipment with a few simple taps.

The app also provides a proximity-based control system to prevent misuse and ensure safety in the workplace.
The app is available in company mode or public mode (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device), and is compatible with smartphones running iOS or Android operating systems, with a customizable look and feel. It is also available for tablets and other operating systems on request.

Smart Experience

The Workhera booking service simplifies all reservation operations, and is natively integrated with the Microsoft Exchange booking system.

The Smart Scenarios option allows you to preset different room layouts: with a single tap, the meeting room will be set up according to your preferences.

Workhera includes automatic check-in and check-out: it detects participants entering the room, and arranges the set-up according to the preselected scenario (orchestrating audio, video, conferencing and smart office devices), and initiates the meeting. At the end of the meeting the room returns to energy saving mode when the participants leave.

The occupancy status of the room is indicated in real time with lights, such as RGB LEDs, positioned outside each meeting room.

Workhera wireless connectivity keeps the room tidy and orderly, and eliminates problems related to cable and remote-control malfunctions.


Workhera fosters innovation and facilitates the use of digital booking for organizations of all kinds.
The numerous options offered by the Workhera solution allow companies to create customized scenarios, in line with their requirements and specifications. Options range from simple and easy-to-install low-cost set-ups to fully comprehensive, highly innovative environments.

Workhera is a scalable solution: further devices can be added to any established set-up, following a plug-and-play logic.
Workhera is a flexible solution: it adapts to specific functional, technical and architectural requirements.
Workhera does not require a high level of maintenance, and early intervention is made possible by the system’s monitoring tools, optimizing costs.

No hardware lock-in

Workhera does not require the use of specific hardware brands, integrating with whatever devices are used or required.

The independence from specific brands and the aftermarket approach make Workhera the ideal choice for integrating into the design of a new room, as well as for seamless installation in an existing room. The process is simplified with a Software Development Kit, and Workhera can make use of any available connectors, or add new connectors according to requirements.

Digital Signage

When no meeting is taking place, Workhera can transform the meeting rooms into corporate and brand communication tools.

Brand communication messages and multimedia company content can be launched on the monitors of the rooms and coordinated by Workhera, creating a Digital Signage circuit composed of displays and touch points.

Workhera supports 4k and 360° content, predefined program listings, live streaming and on-demand content.

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Room Booking

Unified management for booking meeting rooms

The Workhera booking service is natively integrated with Microsoft Office 365 booking systems. The use of Room Mailboxes simplifies all booking operations.
Every time a user plans a meeting they can simultaneously consult the availability of the rooms directly from their calendar via dedicated software connected to Exchange, and select and book any available room.

The system automatically updates the reservation status of the rooms, coordinating the lights outside each room that indicate, in real time, the availability status of the meeting room, and synchronizing the information shown on the display positioned outside the room. Users without a smartphone or app can use the optional “touch & book” function to book the room on the spot, using the external display, or check in with an NFC/RFID badge.

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