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Life & Health helps employees and workers in their smart working organization and introduces mechanisms for health protection and company productivity in the post Covid-19 phase

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Work Status

Employees organize their business hours by allowing HR and supervisors to have a clear and up to date working scenario in order to measure the efficiency of smart working strategies.

Covid-19 voluntary monitoring

High importance to the employees’ health status thanks to the voluntary monitoring on a possible Covid-19 symptomatology, useful for HR and RSPP.

Contact map

In a click, it is possible to generate the contacts map (Contact Tracing Map) of a single employee to provide a quick help to the company in order to protect people and activities, in compliance with Privacy and GDPR policies.

Push messages

The company communicates with employees in a simple and instant way to make communications easier and to support operations.

Desk booking with a tap

After the planning of the own presence in the office with a quick tap, the system books a desk.