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Workhera Meet for the meeting rooms and experience evolution

Meeting rooms occupation status and use data

Guarantee an efficient organization of the company spaces.

With Workhera Meet it is possible to analyze data relating to meeting rooms occupancy status and use based on bookings and real time status. Employees and guests’ behaviors analysis about the meeting rooms use are immediate and useful for proactive activities thanks to the dedicated dashboard available on smartphone.

Room Booking

Booking via calendar or in real-time for all users.

Workhera Meet is natively integrated with Online Microsoft Exchange to make reservation easier, for last minute meetings as well. It is possible to consult meeting rooms availability and select the right one; the system is updated in real time and light indicators synchronized.

Outdoor light indicators

Lights and indicators to communicate the meeting rooms occupancy status.

Lights and indicators placed outside or inside the meeting room allow you to know the status of occupancy in a glance (available, occupied but not booked, booked but not occupied, booked and occupied).

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