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Workhera Find & Book provides smart and user-friendly dashboards for research, assignment and booking of company’s resources, like meeting rooms, desks and tools.

Search dashboards

Workhera Find & Book provides user-friendly dashboards for research, assignment and booking of business resources and spaces. Dashboards suggests the available spaces, makes possible the research based on offices, buildings, capability, provides a special option to authorize special bookings dedicated to the top management.


Workhera Find & Book is a module, available stand-alone as well, that can have several customizations. It is possible to define set of attributes for each meeting room and desk to make the booking service respondent to your company’s policies.

Calendar integration

Workhera Find & Book is integrated with the company’s calendar to keep spaces and resources booking status always up-to-date for everyone. The integration is available for Office 365, Microsoft Exchange on premises and Google Suite.

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Extra services

Workhera Find & Book makes possible the request of useful extra services like the concierge option, videoconference creation, assistant, and much more based on the company’s policies.

VIP option

Workhera Find & Book includes the VIP option that allows to manage reserved spaces and tools to specific groups of users (based on Active Directory). Visualization and booking of VIP spaces and tools are protected by a PIN delivered to authorized users.

Available for different devices

Workhera Find & Book is available as an add-on for Outlook, custom web page with authentication, mobile application in white label, if requested.