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Workhera Meet simplifies and makes meetings organization and performances smart.
Book the meeting room online and coordinate the equipment via smartphone or tablet.

Meeting rooms usage data

Workhera Meet collects data about the meeting rooms usage based on reservations and status. Employees’ and guests’ behaviors in the building will be clear and useful for productive interventions thanks to the dedicated dashboard available on smartphones.

Room Automation

Workhera Meet automatizes the meeting rooms: all devices can be managed by app to expedite meetings and tidy halls and desks (no cables and remote-controls).
Videoconferences automation is a service available thanks to the native integration with the most common systems.

Room Booking

Workhera Meet is natively integrated with Microsoft Exchange Online to simplify the reservation activities for all users, even in case of last-minute meetings. It is possible to consult the meeting rooms status and select the available one; system and lighting signals will be sync in real-time.

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Smart check-in and check-out

Workhera Meet includes smart check-in and check-out services that detect when participants enter the room and arrange the set-up of audio, video, conferencing and smart office devices.
At the end of the meeting, the meeting room returns to energy saving mode automatically.

Luminous signals

Lights and luminous signals outside and inside the meeting rooms indicate the status of the room in real-time (available, occupied but not booked, booked but not occupied, booked and occupied).

Digital Signage

When no meeting is taking place, Workhera Meet natively integrated with XuniPlay Dooh can transform the meeting rooms into corporate and brand communication tools.
Displays and digital points can show contents and company messages automatically thanks to the digital signage.

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