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Workhera Welcome simplifies the registration and access phases in the building and provides services for a comfortable and safe business visit

Up-to-You registration

WWith Workhera Welcome, guests’ registration can occur at any time 디 엔드 다운로드.
The invitation via email suggests the app download to fill the registration form when you prefer, even before the meeting.


During the registration, it is possible to send special communications, advices, and instructions about security to the guests or ask them to answer to survey questions directly via app 리눅스 r 다운로드.

Smart Access

After the registration, the app creates a digital badge that identifies guests during their stay, authorizes or denies the access to specific areas and offices, and allows receptionists to check presence and time spent in.


Get the correct path via app to arrive at the meeting room and participate.

Guest Wi-Fi

Through the app installed on the smartphone, your mobile devices connect automatically with the building Wi-Fi net.

Queue Monitoring

Monitor and track people and objects position in real-time to guarantee safe places, optimize queue times, and deny crowds.